Tailored to you and your lifestyle(s)

Home is where you feel at home, a place where everything caters to the comfort and enjoyment of you and your loved ones. Where you have total control over how to use and furnish each room, how to rearrange your choices, and how to balance privacy and security for an optimal life in this most personal of spaces. No environment is more important for your wellbeing, so the only limit on your choices should be those of your own imagination.

Imagine that a single solution could transform your entire home into an extension of your own mind. Imagine that a single product could allow you and your family to define, schedule and store multiple personal preferences for every smart device in your home, and even give access to your friends.
Imagine that most of these functions could go with you anywhere through your mobile phone.

Now stop imagining, because from now on, Home is where the HAWES is.

MyHawes Experience